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Working for i-Care will offer you the opportunity to progress and advance within your role.


At i-Care we believe in investing in the staff and ensuring that we are offering a good support network to you.

As i-Care grows in size there are more and more opportunities to progress within the company. What we look for from any person working for i-Care is commitment, reliability and enthusiasm to carry out the roles and responsibilities to the highest and best standard. We will encourage you to complete any internal or external training courses that will assist you to carry out your role with the right knowledge set and with a great support network to help if ever needed.

As a growing business there are also opportunities to join the teams within our Finance, HR or Business Admin departments.

Interested? Find out more by visiting our current Job Vacancies or alternatively submitting your CV to

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At i-Care we believe in recognising and rewarding staff who have shown excellence in their performance. We offer many different schemes throughout the agency that recognise individual performances however at i-Care we also run a company bonus scheme that can be achieved by all members of staff. So whether you work full time, part time, evenings or weekends, you will never miss out on i-Care rewards scheme.

We see ourselves as playing an active role within our community so many of our staff take part in Charity programmes in office and out. We offer support at all times to voluntary work in the community and staff assisting with different outreach programmes.

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