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i-Care always endeavour’s to meet the needs, wants and expectations of each individual.

We set high standards in everything we do; we invest in the development of our services and support staff in order to guarantee the best outcomes for you, your family and our staff.

We ensure that your best interests and needs are at the centre of the planning and delivery of the service we provide.

We know that you put your trust in us to provide a service that is reliable, respectful, honest and caring and we believe that our values are reflected in the service delivery.

i-Care’s ethos is infused in all of our staff and we believe that by encouraging staff to follow our key values it ensures i-Care delivers our values to our customers and their loved ones.

The main VALUES that all staff follow are:

  • Promoting Independence

  • Promoting Choice

  • Promoting Dignity & Respect

  • Promoting Equality & Diversity

  • Promoting Individual Rights

  • Ensuring Privacy & Confidentiality

  • Ensuring Continuity of Care

  • Offering Flexibility

We are extremely passionate about the care that we deliver in the community and take pride in the service that we deliver.

"I am very impressed with the i-care carers who attend to me. I have used i-care since March 2009 and have found the carers to be friendly and pay particular attention to my needs. I require preparation time for medication, feeding etc, and I am very pleased that i-care was able to provide appropriate visit times to accommodate my needs."

- Miss Christine Soo, Adamsdown

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