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At i-Care we have a clear vision of what we want to achieve as a Health Care provider.

We strive to provide the best service to you, family members and advocates. We also value our exceptional staff and nurture a supportive philosophy for all employees. We aspire to show our Service Users that we are passionate about what we do and we take pride in our services.

We believe that supporting our staff to deliver the service to a high standard is vital, retaining and continuous development of staff via training is a key focus of i-Care. We know that it is important to employ the right people for the right role and we continuously look at ways to support and nurture our staff for the present and for the future.

We continually look at ways to develop and improve our services. We listen to you as a valued customer and we listen to feedback from all staff on the services we provide.

We rely on your feedback via annual postal questionairres as it enables us to establish areas of practice we need to improve but also allows us to establish areas of practice that we are excelling at.

i-Care is steadily growing as a company and now delivers over 6000 hours of care in the community. It is the vision of i-Care to continue to grow and reinforce good practice in the area’s where we are currently located. We are looking at ways of adapting our services to meet the ever changing needs of individuals who require support. We are continually adapt by updating and seeking new and improved technological infrastructure which will not only support our staff to deliver excellent care but also ensure our customers are recieving the outcome based care and support they desire.

We believe in our commitment we make to you and invest in the development of all employees and services we provide.

"I am very impressed with the i-care carers who attend to me. I have used i-care since March 2009 and have found the carers to be friendly and pay particular attention to my needs. I require preparation time for medication, feeding etc, and I am very pleased that i-care was able to provide appropriate visit times to accommodate my needs."

- Miss Christine Soo, Adamsdown

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