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At all times we endeavour to deliver a dedicated and flexible support service which is of the highest quality, designed to the needs of the individual.

We will treat each person with respect and remain sensitive to each person’s needs and abilities whilst consistently promoting personal dignity and respect.

At i-Care, we promote a standard of excellence using best practice, witnessed and evaluated through quality monitoring within our organisation. The quality monitoring system we have in place means that we continuously monitor our services.

Our Quality Care ethos is instilled into our staff when they begin their career with i-Care. Staff that are employed at i-Care attend an in-depth training course where our focus lays prominently on the delivery of quality within our services. We do this by discussing the companies values, policies and procedures and the fundamentals of care that are outlined by Social Care Wales .  We introduce case studies and various scenarios that detail good and bad practice and also staff complete practical studies that visually show the quality we expect to be delivered in the community. Existing staff then attend refresher training which again reinforces our company values and expectations when the staff are delivering our services.

As a company we invest in staff development and training as we believe that this has a positive effect on their continued professional development and this then feeds into our ISO 9001 quality monitoring system.

When you receive a service with i-Care you will be assigned a person of contact that is based in your local office. This person will be responsible for monitoring the service delivery and making sure that you get the service we expect you to receive. They are also the ideal contact for family members or advocates and are able act as the intermediary between yourself and Social Services if required.

We ensure that our service is designed to your needs and this means making it personal and care specific to you. We record what you like/dislike and the way you would like to live and include this in the planning of your chosen services. We continually monitor and review the service that you receive to ensure that we are doing what we say we are going to do. The recording and monitoring of the outcomes you desire allow yourself, family members or advocates to assess improvements in well being or to use this information to adapt the care you receive.

"I am very impressed with the i-care carers who attend to me. I have used i-care since March 2009 and have found the carers to be friendly and pay particular attention to my needs. I require preparation time for medication, feeding etc, and I am very pleased that i-care was able to provide appropriate visit times to accommodate my needs."

- Miss Christine Soo, Adamsdown

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